How to Hook a Golf Ball

How to Hook a Golf Ball

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Aim to the right to hook the ball left.

If you've ever hooked the ball into tall rough or a hazard, you may wonder why a golfer would purposely try to hook a shot. But a controlled hook, commonly called a draw, can help you avoid trouble on one side of a fairway or it can set you up in good position on a dogleg hole. For right-handed players, draw shots curve from your right to the left.


Select the spot on the fairway or green where you want the ball to land. This is your final target.


Choose a preliminary spot at which you'll aim, taking into consideration how far your ball will curve.


Address the ball and aim the clubface at your final target.


Adjust your stance to align your body with the preliminary spot, but keep the clubface aimed at the final target. If you're right-handed, for example, your preliminary spot will be to the right of the ultimate target. Your stance will be closed, relative to your final target, with your left foot closer to the ball than your right.


Take your club back low and a bit inside of your normal line.


Complete a normal swing, as if you were aiming for the preliminary spot.


Avoid the temptation to swing harder than normal. Focus on making a smooth, fluid swing, which helps you place the correct spin on the ball to create the hook.


Follow through with your back shoulder aimed at the preliminary spot.


  • Practice hitting draws with a variety of clubs at a driving range and observe the amount of hook you put on the ball. Apply these observations when you select your preliminary target for real on the golf course.
  • For right-handed players, consider hitting a draw on a dogleg hole that curves to your left; on a fairway with hazards on the left side; or on approach shots when the flag is on the left part of the green.
  • Remember that the more loft your club contains, the more difficult it is to hit a draw.