How to Lose Weight With Roller Derby

How to Lose Weight With Roller Derby

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Combine roller derby with a lower calorie diet for faster weight loss.

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Playing on a roller derby team leads to plenty of fast-paced fun, skinned knees and burned calories. Roller skating on its own provides solid cardiovascular exercise, and adding the physical demands of a contact sport means that derby is even more efficient for burning calories; one pair of teammates from the Oakland, California Derby Diamonds lost a combined 120 pounds after taking up the sport. Losing weight is entirely dependent on burning more calories than you eat, so you'll steadily shed pounds by adding roller derby to your schedule -- so long as you don't increase your calories.

Warm up for 10 minutes with stretches and a free skate before each practice or bout. A proper warmup prepares muscles for performance and helps you avoid injury.

Burn calories as you skate around the roller derby rink. The average derby player burns between 300 and 500 calories per hour of play. Your weight is a big factor in how many calories you burn per hour; for example, at a skate speed of 8 mph, a 120-pound skater burns 250 calories while a 200-pound skater burns around 470 calories.

Increase your average skate speed to burn more calories per hour. A skater who average 10 mph on the track expects to burn about 200 calories per hour more than a skater who averages 8 mph on the track.

Participate regularly in roller derby practices, bouts and other events with your club. Maintaining a consistent schedule will keep you burning calories and losing weight. Playing one hour of derby each day burns about 3,000 calories per week for an average 150-pound skater, which correlates to weight loss of about a pound per month.

Play roller derby more frequently to burn more calories and lose more weight.

Cut calories from your daily intake to increase your rate of weight loss. A 2011 study in the medical journal "Obesity" indicates that cutting calories and increasing exercising leads to better long-term weight loss than diet or exercise alone.


  • Consult your physician before taking up roller derby or any other new form of exercise.