Calories Burned With Zumba vs. Hot Yoga

Calories Burned With Zumba vs. Hot Yoga

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A hot yoga class helps you burn calories in a humid setting.

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It's easy to work up a sweat during many forms of exercise, but sweating is second nature during a Zumba or hot yoga class. While Zumba uses up-tempo music and dancelike movements to help you get in shape, the hot, humid room in hot yoga can lead to a post-workout glow. Expect to burn a few hundred calories during either form of exercise.

Dance Yourself Into Shape

Zumba classes are ideal for people who enjoy energetic workouts. Part dance, part aerobics and part calisthenics, Zumba classes are a fixture at many gyms and fitness centers across the country. A 135-pound person, notes HealthStatus, burns about 364 calories during a 45-minute Zumba class. Heavier people burn more calories during the same length of time; a 165-pound person burns about 446 calories in 45 minutes of Zumba.

Sweating It Out

In a hot yoga class, you perform a series of poses in a setting that is reminiscent of the tropics. Although you might sweat more during hot yoga, this activity doesn't burn calories quite as quickly as Zumba. HealthStatus reports a 135-pound person burns about 322 calories in 45 minutes of hot yoga. The same class helps a 165-pound person burn about 394 calories.

Strong Body, Relaxed Mind

The American Council on Exercise notes Zumba is a full-body workout that leads to stronger muscles and increased flexibility. The activity is equally suitable for those who wish to lose a few pounds and those who want to avoid weight gain. Zumba relieves stress, is adaptable for people at a wide range of fitness levels and allows you to meet other fitness-minded people.

Turning Up the Heat

Provided you're comfortable exercising in hot, humid conditions, hot yoga can improve your health. The hot room increases your heart rate and often improves the ease with which you can deepen certain poses. Hot yoga can lead to relaxation, deep breathing and improved concentration. Although many people perform hot yoga with the understanding it flushes toxins from your body, this theory isn't necessarily true. In a 2011 article in "The Globe and Mail," researcher Stephen Cheung notes your body releases toxins through sweat only minimally.